CleanPatch Implementation - Case Study #1

We are excited to bring you the real story of a hospital in Canada that has successfully implemented CleanPatch as an approved repair solution for several soft surfaces. We will be following this up with several other facilities in the near future as well! 

Case Study #1 - Implementing CleanPatch through Resource Nurses : One of the largest hospitals in Ontario has identified CleanPatch as a preventative maintenance tool for the early repair of damaged mattresses, stretchers, positioners and other applicable soft surfaces. Championed by the Infection Control department, CleanPatch training and education was offered to the relevant departments and implementation tools were developed which included instructions on how to apply CleanPatch. It was determined by the internal team that CleanPatch could be used on lightly damaged equipment and that there would be a maximum of 4 CleanPatch applied on a given surface. The Equipment Resource Nurses in the OR and Emergency Department were selected as the primary users of CleanPatch and responsible for keeping an inventory of the product and reporting when and where they were used. Other departments including Housekeeping and Facilities were made aware of the product as well, in the instance that they would identify rips and tears in their daily activities. CleanPatch is expected to save the hospital money, and provide safe and intact surfaces for patients and staff alike!

Please inquire with us if you would like to speak to individuals at this hospital about their experiences in the implementation of this product.