New Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide

Surface Medical Inc ("SMI") announced today a new Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide, an industry first that details an implementation protocol for the preventative maintenance and care of healthcare mattresses and stretchers.

SMI is pleased to announce the development of a new Mattress Inspection and Repair guide, which details a three step approach for the appropriate care and maintenance of mattresses and stretchers. The guide was developed using published best practices, and in consultation with leading Infection Control professionals.

"The guide details a straightforward three-step process; Mattress Inspection, Mattress Intervention - repair or replace, and Tracking" comments Brenda Marks, a experience Nurse and Senior Product Manager at SMI. "Healthcare facilities can use the guide with staff to identify damage and repair proactively in order to enhance patient safety and save money".

"We have recently learned from Mark Heller and Darrel Hicks that mattresses are a mismanaged asset in healthcare, with a $550 million mattress deficiency in the US today" comments Tony Abboud, Vice President of Business Development at Surface Medical. "The Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide will assist healthcare facilities in developing a program to restore damaged surfaces to an intact and hygienic state to enhance patient safety".

SMI has developed a robust program to support the implementation of this protocol in healthcare facilities globally. This includes a Guide, User flipchart for supply carts, Mattress inspection checklist and Mattress repair tracking spreadsheet, more information can be found here.

The company will be sharing this information with Infection Control colleagues at the upcoming IPAC 2014 national convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the APIC 2014 national show in Anaheim, California. Please contact us here if you would like to schedule a training in-service!