CleanPatch saves Healthcare money!

The subject of this blog post today is the dramatic cost-savings that can be realized if healthcare organizations implement CleanPatch as a preventative, early-stage maintenance tool for ripped and torn mattresses and stretchers. In our discussions with various departments in acute and long-term care across the country, we have come to appreciate that buying new mattresses every time a damage is identified is simply not viable with current healthcare budgets. The reality is that some new mattresses are purchased, but the vast majority are "fixed" with surgical tape (which is unproven and doesn't last) or left damaged, creating patient safety concerns.

We have prepared a detailed financial model to begin modeling the opportunity for CleanPatch as a "cost-savings" tool. Assumptions we have made are included below.

For every 1000 hospital beds, using CleanPatch can save $85,000 / year!