CleanPatch Expands into Sweden


Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) announced today that it has launched its CleanPatch® product line into the Swedish market in partnership with Salubrious AB. CleanPatch is now available in four European countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden.

Founded in 2000, Salubrious AB (“Salubrious”) sells and distributes quality products from all over the world to the Scandinavian healthcare market. Salubrious has a team of knowledgeable sales staff and technicians who provide training, service and support to their customers. In addition to Salubrious’ own brands FLAG, Stana and GoodGel, Salubrious also carries many top of the line products from other manufactures.

“Surface Medical has identified Sweden as an important healthcare market with a strong focus on infection control practices,” comments Martin Rodnight, International Sales at Surface Medical. “Salubrious is a leading independent European distributor of medical devices. As a specialist provider of innovative medical devices with a strong foothold in the Swedish market, it is the ideal partner for Surface Medical in Sweden.”

“We look forward to bringing this innovative solution to the Swedish market”, comments Anders Good, Chief Executive Officer at Salubrious. “We are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative quality products for our markets, and CleanPatch is a very good example of this.”

Salubrious complements existing CleanPatch distribution and will increase product access to Swedish healthcare customers.

About Surface Medical Inc.

Surface Medical Inc. is an Alberta-based medical device company focused on developing products to address an estimated 48 billion dollar problem that results in 100,000 deaths in North America each year: Hospital-Acquired Infections. Founded in 2010, SMI is dedicated to creating innovative products that reduce the transfer of infection and facilitate the safe administration of healthcare for the benefit of practitioners and patients alike. For more information about Surface Medical, please visit

About Salubrious

Salubrious AB was founded in 2000 and has since become known as a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical devices in Sweden. Based in Tollered, Sweden, Salubrious has a knowledgeable sales staff who provide training, service and support to their customers. For more information about Salubrious, please visit

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Chief Executive Officer

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