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CleanPatch vs. Tape - New Video Launch

As we continue to educate healthcare facilities on the patient safety risks of damaged surfaces, we have become aware that some facilities attempt to repair damage with "tape". In response to this, we have created a video series to demonstrate the functional differences between CleanPatch and "tape"  in key scenarios

1) After wiping with a hospital disinfectant

2) In the presence of fluid

These videos have proven popular with our customers around the world, and are an eye opening visual that showcase why tape is prohibited by many health surveyors and infection control departments.

Our newest video launched today uses Vericlean, a fluorescent marking spray from Diversey Care Sealed Air, to visualize simulated contamination and whether it can be cleaned effectively.

CleanPatch is the only Class 1 medical device specifically designed to repair damaged mattresses and stretchers, and restore them to an intact and hygienic state. Taping is ineffective, prohibited by surveyors and leaves your patients at risk.

Enjoy the videos, we look forward to hearing your feedback here