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October 11th 2016 - Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the UK subsidiary company of Ferno-Washington Inc (“Ferno UK”) to offer CleanPatch® to the United Kingdom ("UK") ambulance services and patient transportation (“Pre-Hospital”) market. This serves as Ferno’s second global location to partner with SMI to offer CleanPatch to its customers, which began with Ferno Canada back in 2015.

Ferno UK, based in West Yorkshire, England, is a leading innovator and supplier of patient handling and associated medical equipment to Emergency Medical Services, Fire & Rescue Services and other major industries across the United Kingdom. With a vision to being the first choice for quality and innovative products while exceeding the needs of its customers, CleanPatch is a welcomed addition to Ferno UK’s product offering and addresses an un-met infection prevention need.

“Ferno is a well-recognized market leader in the global pre-hospital market and we are pleased to extend our CleanPatch partnership with them,” comments Tony Abboud, Vice President of Business Development at SMI. “CleanPatch has been very well received by Ferno’s pre-hospital customers in Canada, and we are looking forward to bringing our clinically validated and cost-effective solution into the UK through this strong partnership”.

“We are continually looking for complimentary products to enhance our portfolio offering”, adds Michael Thornton, Product Manager at Ferno UK. “CleanPatch offers a clinically proven and cost-effective solution to the real problem of accidental damage of trolley mattresses in the field. CleanPatch can also be used on a range of products, including mattresses, splints and vacuum mattresses, giving an immediate but long-lasting in-field repair, thereby eliminating any potential time lost and associated costs incurred in having to recall a vehicle to replace a damaged item. Using CleanPatch stops the need to have to use clinically-unsafe damaged equipment, and eliminates the associated infection control risks”.

The full CleanPatch product range can be found on the Ferno UK website at the following link - http://www.ferno.co.uk/en/search-results/CleanPatch-Clinical-Repair-Range.aspx?ec_trk=followlist&ec_trk_data=search-results 

About Surface Medical Inc.

Surface Medical Inc. is an Alberta-based medical device company focused on developing products to address an estimated 48 billion US Dollar problem that results in 100,000 deaths in North America each year: healthcare-associated infections. Founded in 2010, SMI is dedicated to creating innovative products that reduce the transfer of infection and facilitate the safe administration of healthcare for the benefit of practitioners and patients alike. For more information about Surface Medical, please visit www.surfacemedical.ca

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Ferno-Washington Inc is a professionally-managed company, established for over 60 years, family owned established for over 60 years that leverages innovation to drive its passion for superior emergency services care. Serving over 195 countries, Ferno is committed to creating and delivering safe, quality and customer-inspired products to create a safer world. For more information about Ferno UK, please visit www.ferno.co.uk


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