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Since launching CleanPatch, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with leading health systems across the United States. Many of our customers have been able to repair their mattresses and stretchers using CleanPatch, thereby enhancing patient safety while reducing equipment costs!  We would like to share one of these implementation stories from a leading US private Health System in Pennsylvania. Following a complaint and a challenging Department of Health audit, the facility communicated a Zero Tolerance policy on damaged mattresses, and implemented a successful Mattress Inspection and Repair program. Click here to read this Case Study

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We recently released our latest issue of The Surface Times - a newsletter we created that focuses on Healthcare Innovation as it relates to surfaces. In this issue, we interview Dr. Kevin Laupland to get his perspective on implementation of a new technology like CleanPatch in a healthcare environment. Here is a sample - Question (SMI) - In your experience, have you ever encountered the issues of damaged mattresses and other soft surfaces?  Answer (Dr. Laupland) - Yes of course, I have come across damaged mattresses in a clinical scenario.  Q - What are the associated risks of not addressing these damaged surfaces,...

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