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Surface Medical Awarded HealthTrust Contract for CleanPatch® March 15, 2016 – Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) is pleased to announce that its CleanPatch® product-line has been awarded a supply contract by HealthTrust. Beginning today, HealthTrust’s 1,400 hospitals and members in 22,600 alternate care sites can safely and effectively repair damaged mattresses. This is expected to both generate significant savings and enhance patient safety. Hospital bed and stretcher mattresses are frequently damaged as a result of physical and chemical stress. Since they cannot be properly cleaned, they may harbor pathogens that pose a risk to patient safety. Regulators and surveying organizations do...

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In addition to enhancing patient safety and reducing cross-contamination, CleanPatch saves you money. This can be visualized by inputing your facility data into our CleanCalculator as 20 repairs with CleanPatch costs less than buying 1 new mattress! In order to understand the true cost-savings of using CleanPatch, we collaborated with a regional Bedshop in a large health system, who are responsible for maintaining and repairing hospital beds and stretchers.  The results are in - over six months, the Bedshop was able to repair 68% of the damaged mattresses and stretchers it received, for a total cost savings of $29,794! Click here to download the full Case...

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The subject of this blog post today is the dramatic cost-savings that can be realized if healthcare organizations implement CleanPatch as a preventative, early-stage maintenance tool for ripped and torn mattresses and stretchers. In our discussions with various departments in acute and long-term care across the country, we have come to appreciate that buying new mattresses every time a damage is identified is simply not viable with current healthcare budgets. The reality is that some new mattresses are purchased, but the vast majority are "fixed" with surgical tape (which is unproven and doesn't last) or left damaged, creating patient safety...

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