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Many healthcare facilities have asked how the agencies in the United States would view mattress and soft surface repair and CleanPatch in the context of their published guidelines. To this end, Surface Medical has developed a Technical Bulletin which can be downloaded by clicking this link. We hope this is helpful as you look to implement the Mattress Inspection and Repair process with CleanPatch in your facility, in order to save money while enhancing patient safety!

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We are very excited to release the first of our CleanPatch case studies! Over the last year, a leading Canadian hospital has implemented a soft surface inspection and repair process using CleanPatch. This process has realized significant cost-savings while enhancing patient safety through providing intact and cleanable surfaces! The process was championed by the Maintenance and Portering groups with support by Infection Prevention and Control. Read their full story here by clicking on the link CleanPatch is being implemented by over 100 healthcare facilities already, contact us so we can feature your story next!

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Surface Medical Inc ("SMI") announced today a new Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide, an industry first that details an implementation protocol for the preventative maintenance and care of healthcare mattresses and stretchers. SMI is pleased to announce the development of a new Mattress Inspection and Repair guide, which details a three step approach for the appropriate care and maintenance of mattresses and stretchers. The guide was developed using published best practices, and in consultation with leading Infection Control professionals. "The guide details a straightforward three-step process; Mattress Inspection, Mattress Intervention - repair or replace, and Tracking" comments Brenda Marks, a...

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