Founded in 2010, Surface Medical Inc. is a Canadian medical device company solving problems in healthcare with simple solutions. Focusing on the importance of surface integrity in infection prevention, the company develops and commercializes soft surface repair products that save money, reduce infection risk and minimize environmental waste.

Meeting of Minds

Our story begins when three people had a meeting of minds. Tom Collins was getting an adjustment from his chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Schacter. Mid-adjustment, Jeff described a recurrent problem that was affecting his practice. The first patient to be treated on a newly reupholstered chiropractic table accidentally tore the cover. Jeff wanted a simple repair solution so he could repair the table himself. Tom thought it was curious that a simple solution did not exist. The next day Tom called Jeff and said that he could not find a simple solution and that there was nothing like what they had discussed. As it happens, Tom was working with Barbara Potter when he related his recent conversation with Jeff. Barb, a nurse of 25 years, told Tom that she frequently noticed damaged mattresses on patient beds in hospitals, and how even a small tear could harbor harmful bacteria. Immediately, they recognized that they had identified a widespread problem with no solution. From this meeting of minds, we created Surface Medical!

Surface Medical Inc has received numerous prestigious awards for its CleanPatch innovation.