Thorough environmental cleaning is critical to prevent the transmission of infection. Although the hospital bed has been largely overlooked as a potential source of contamination, studies have shown that the mattress is among the highest-touch surfaces in the patient environment, and may harbor pathogens that result in infection outbreaks. Damaged surfaces cannot be properly cleaned to break the chain of environmental decontamination. Catching damage early and restoring the surface to an intact state ensures it remains fully cleanable.

First introduced in 2013, CleanPatch is the market's first and only medically registered repair product for restoring those damages to an intact and hygienic state.  

Clinically Tested
  • Validated: Proven by independent Infection Prevention Professionals
  • Durable: Remains fully adhered with rigorous clinical use
  • Equal: Does not harbor any more organisms than the mattress cover; both before and after cleaning
  • Cleanable: Can be effectively and repeatedly cleaned by a variety of hospital disinfectants (i.e. Peroxide, Bleach, Alcohol, Quaternary)
Safe and Simple
  • Peel-and-Stick: Easy to apply, adheres in seconds
  • Biocompatible: Made of latex-free, medical grade materials
Cost Effective
  • Economical: significant cot savings vs replacement 
  • Sustainable: Repairing mattresses reduces landfill waste 
  • Foam mattresses, air loss mattresses, stretchers, operating room tables, examination tables, rehab tables, wheel chairs, geriatric chairs, positioners, other polyurethane or vinyl surfaces
Product Registrations
  • US: FDA registered Class 1 medical device
  • Canada: Health Canada registered Class 1 medical 
  • Australia: TGA listed 

CleanPatch is available in three different product lines for all your soft surface repair needs

CleanPatch: Repairs hospital beds and stretchers - Click here to learn more
CleanPatch-V: Repairs vinyl upholstery  - Click here to learn more
CleanPatch-P: Repairs gel positions  - Click here to learn more