Clinically Tested

Over the past two years, CleanPatch has completed significant laboratory and clinical testing. Further, over 400 healthcare facilities are already using this product to save money and enhance patient safety.

Key results are summarized below, more details are available in the Resources area.

CleanPatch Clinical Assessment

An independent clinical study on CleanPatch was conducted by the Ward of the 21st Century in a Canadian hospital. 120 CleanPatch were applied to 60 mattresses (1 on top and 1 on side), with 720 microbial swabs taken in total! The following two study questions were investigated:

    • Is there a difference in incidence and severity of microbial growth between the hospital mattress and CleanPatch (surface or edge), before or after terminal cleaning?
    • How does CleanPatch perform in a clinical setting over the duration of the study?
The results indicated the following:
  1. CleanPatch is Durable: CleanPatch remained fully adhered to the mattresses during the study, without indication of bubbling, wrinkling or flagging.
  2. CleanPatch is Cleanable: CleanPatch can be effectively cleaned by hospital disinfectants used during routine and terminal cleaning.
  3. CleanPatch is Equal: CleanPatch did not harbor any more (or less) organisms than the hospital mattress before and after cleaning in the study.
1 YEAR DURABILITY UPDATE - Ward of the 21st Century has been analyzing the mattresses with CleanPatch for one year now, and the results are excellent! 72 CleanPatch have been evaluated and remained fully adhered to the surface of the mattress 1 full year after application! Click here for the full details
Figure 1: CleanPatch on mattress surface during clinical assessment

Simulated Hospital testing of CleanPatch

In addition to the clinical assessment, laboratory testing further demonstrated the durability of CleanPatch. 

  1. Accelerated Aging and Peel Testing (ASTM D3330, PSTC-9) - CleanPatch and its adhesion system is stable for at least 2 years under accelerated laboratory conditions.
  2. Hospital Repetitive Disinfectants Testing (Custom) - CleanPatch and its adhesion system is stable to a wide variety of hospital disinfectants, including Bleach, Quaterniums, Alcohols and Hydrogen Peroxide. This data has been confirmed by select third-party disinfectant companies.
  3. Uniaxial Fatigue Test (Custom) - CleanPatch passed a series of simulated hospital testing that included 2,880 compressions and rotations, and multiple cleaning and urine soakings. CleanPatch was demonstrated to be impermeable to fluids, nothing leaked through the mattress.  For more details on this test, click here for the Whitepaper.
Figure 2: Uniaxial Fatigue Test - simulated Hospital mattress testing.