1. How long does CleanPatch or CleanPatch-V last on surfaces?

There is no set time limit as to how long the product will last as it may vary depending on the type of surface, area of clinical use, frequency of cleaning, and type of disinfectant used.

CleanPatch - In a 12 month clinical study, CleanPatch remained intact after one year; and all CleanPatch located at 18 months and 22 months were still intact. CleanPatch may be used as long as it remains intact, and the mattress on which it is placed remains suitable for use.

CleanPatch-V - In a 6 month clinical study, CleanPatch-V remained intact on various flat and side damage areas on examination tables.

 2. What is the product made from?

CleanPatch is made of a similar stretch polyurethane material that is typical of many hospital mattresses and stretchers. CleanPatch-V is made of medical grade vinyl material that is typical of examination tables and geriatric chairs. 

 3. Can you cut the product to fit a damaged area?

No, we do not recommend cutting the product as it has a very precise edge that has been clinically tested and proven to be durable. Cutting may disrupt the product integrity; however it is available in multiple sizes so that you may choose the most appropriate size to cover the damage.

 4. What sizes of CleanPatch and CleanPatch-V do you have available?

CleanPatch is available today in 3 sizes; a 2 inch (5 cm) circle, a 3.5 x 3.5 inch (9 x 9 cm) square, and a 3.5 x 6 inch (9 x 15 cm) rectangle. In our primary research it was determined that 91% of the mattress rips and tears commonly encountered are less than 4 inches in size.

CleanPatch-V is available today in 2 sizes, a 1.75 x 4 inch (4.5 x 10 cm) strip and a 5.75 x 8 inch (14.5 x 20 cm) rectangle.

 5. Can the product be applied on the surface and edge of a surface?

Yes, our clinical study and laboratory testing evaluated our products on both the surface and the edge  and adhered very well in either area. 3-dimensional corners are challenging and are not recommended.

 6. What hospital cleaners can be used when disinfecting the products?

CleanPatch and CleanPatch-V are compatible with common hospital cleaners including Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Bleach and Quaterniums – even at high concentrations. The products showed no evidence of peeling or flagging after multiple and continuous treatments with these cleaners in our testing.

 7. What other hospital surfaces can be repaired using the products?

CleanPatch is specifically indicated for use on stretcher and hospital mattresses with a polyurethane mattress cover. CleanPatch-V is specifically indicated for use on upholstered vinyl surfaces, including wheelchairs, examination tables and geriatric chairs.

 8. Is CleanPatch available in other colors?

CleanPatch is available in dark blue as it is the most common color of patient mattress covers, while CleanPatch-V is available in black, the most common color of vinyl surfaces. We have standardized to a single color to reduce the cost to our customers. Infection Control departments have reported to us that they like that CleanPatch can be easily observed on surfaces to ensure that it is intact at all times.

 9. What does the date on the package refer to?

As CleanPatch and CleanPatch-V are registered Class 1 Medical Devices, every package must be assigned a lot number and a shelf life. The expiry or use before date on the  product refers to the date that the product should be applied by, and does not refer to the product once it has been applied to the surface.


Surface Medical Inc. is proud to stand behind the quality and workmanship of its product. Therefore, Surface Medical guarantees that the product shipped will be free of defects or damage and will gladly repair or replace any material that does not meet this standard. If within five days of your receipt of a damaged or otherwise defective product, please contact us with your name, address, and details of defect or damage and we shall repair or replace your order.