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CleanPatch has the potential to extend the life of mattresses and stretchers, reducing both direct and indirect costs, helping Hospitals and Healthcare institutions save money!

  • Annual Savings: CleanPatch is 1/20th the cost of a new standard hospital mattress and an amenable, widespread solution to deal with the common incidence of ripped, cut or punctured hospital beds and stretchers. Make 20 safe and effective repairs with CleanPatch for less than the cost of 1 new mattress.
  • Keeping beds in service: CleanPatch provides an immediate, in room repair option to minimize the downtime and associated costs of transporting and servicing damaged beds and stretchers.
  • Patient Safety: CleanPatch is a cost-effective, easily implemented tool to proactively address damaged and unhygienic surfaces, and can be stored on the supply carts of hospital and healthcare institutions.

A regional Bedshop saved nearly $30,000 in 6 months by using CleanPatch - click here to read the Case Study 


Our CleanCalculator helps estimate the total savings gained and is an excellent tool for your Value Analysis Committee to demonstrate the value of using CleanPatch and the Mattress Inspection & Repair protocol. 

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