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CleanPatch User Reviews

How easy is CleanPatch to apply to the surface? 

Very Difficult Very Easy 

 4.8 / 5 (review based on 38 ratings)

"I would say very very easy to apply" - ER Manager 


Overall, how satisfied are you with CleanPatch? 

Very Dissatisfied Very Satisfied 

4.8 / 5 (review based on 40 ratings)

"This is a wonderful product that can get much more use out of a mattress before having to replace it savings thousands of dollars." -Victoria, Mercy Health System

"The trial went well, and is still going well. The patch is holding, and is without damage. Our stretchers are cleaned multiple times per day, and have multiple patients; the patch seems like a great alternative." -Joseph, Aramark Patient Transport Manager

"So far it has been great" - Surgery Department 

"Tried them on stretchers in the OR and had great success - work well and easy to apply" -OR Manager

"This product has been a life saver, there was a time when we had no stock of extra mattress in the department and a small tear in the corner was found when environmental was cleaning. Normally under IP&C guidelines we would have to discard the mattress, but having Clean Patch available we were able not only to keep the stretcher in circulation with the repaired mattress, but save $300." - ER Manager

"I am pleased with the product. My single hesitation is with AAAHC compliance as there are no guarantees we won't be cited while using this product. It seems a much superior solution (both cost wise and infection prevention) and I am waiting on our inspection before I commit to more of this product." - Clinical Director 

"This is definitely one of the favorite products I brought home from the APIC National Conference" -Infection Prevention Practitioner

"This product is wonderful. It has not pulled up from any edge and is cleaned several times a day." - Outpatient Surgery


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