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CleanPatch Implementation

We have created an Implementation guide to assist healthcare facilities in developing an effective Mattress Inspection and Repair program, which includes the appropriate use of CleanPatch. This program utilizes published best practices, and was developed in conjunction with our Infection Control advisors. The overview of this approach is as follows:

Step 1 - Mattress Inspection 

It is recommended to inspect a mattress during every discharge cleaning, looking for signs of rips, tears or punctures. If damage is noted, a proper physical inspection is required, including looking for fluid ingress, and measuring the size of damage.

Step 2 - Mattress Intervention 

Following a mattress inspection, trained staff can determine whether the damaged mattress needs to be replaced or can be repaired using CleanPatch. The Implementation Guide contains a decision tree to assist in this process. If the damage is a suitable size and there are no signs of fluid ingress, CleanPatch can be used to repair the mattress surface.

Step 3 - Mattress Repair Tracking

Upon repairing the damaged mattress with CleanPatch, it is recommended to date and initial the repair with an AP-stamped Sharpie and record the intervention in the Mattress Inspection Checklist. The Checklist can then be transferred to a master Mattress Repair Tracking Spreadsheet to record repairs over the long term.

Implementing this 3 step process for Mattress Inspection and Repair will enhance patient safety by providing intact and hygienic surfaces, while saving your facility money. The Guide also contains an Economic case for using CleanPatch for repair, and provides 3 separate department scenarios for implementation. We have also developed an educational flipchart for the training of front-end staff that can be fastened to supply or housekeeping carts.


Click here for the Implementation Guide

Click here for the Educational Flipcard (included with every Box30 small, Box20 medium or Box10 large CleanPatch order)

Click here for the Mattress Inspection Checklist (tracking form)

Click here for the Mattress Repair Tracking Spreadsheet

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