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Mattress Integrity Assessment


Hospital mattresses are a critical piece of equipment in delivering patient care. As one of the highest touch points in the patient environment it is also one of the most frequently damaged pieces of equipment. Mattress integrity is essential to ensure proper cleaning and a key component to patient safety. 

Finding the time to inspect every patient bed, stretcher, and procedure area throughout your facility is a daunting task and nobody seems to have the time. You want to ensure surface integrity throughout your facility, but how?

 THE SOLUTION                 

Surface Medical has teamed up with Hygiene Performance Solutions (HPS) in Canada to offer Mattress Integrity Assessments (MIA) using CleanPatch®. The MIA is a comprehensive and disciplined approach to inspect, repair and track all patient mattresses in a healthcare facility, regardless of mattress type or brand.

The MIA will:

  • Deliver convenience and peace of mind
  • Achieve significant cost savings by appropriately repairing rather than replacing mattresses
  • Result in an attractive return on investment
  • Improve patient safety
  • Promote staff education

Every MIA will be performed according to infection control guidelines with minimal disruption to patient care, and no impact on staff workload. MIA projects are appropriate for all patient care settings including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long Term Care Facilities

How it Works

MIA team members will work on-site and coordinate with Environmental Services and Clinicians to enter patient care areas. Mattresses and upholstered padded surfaces throughout the facility will be inspected at the bedside; damage that is appropriate for repair will be repaired in real time, and any major problems will be flagged for secondary inspection or removal. A detailed report of all findings is provided including photographs of all damage and repairs and a full cost analysis.

Service Options

  • Single Unit Snapshot Assessments
  • Full Facility One-Time Assessments
  • Ongoing Service Programs

In healthcare, simple measures to improve patient safety and reduce costs are critical for patients . . . and budgets. 

Visit Hygiene Performance Solutions for more details

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