Barb Potter RN - Inspiration for CleanPatch

"Nurses and front-line health care workers are possibly in the greatest position to be able to see where patient safety can be improved.  I am a Registered Nurse and worked providing direct patient care in hospitals for many years, primarily in the Intensive Care Unit where critically ill patients are cared for.

One thing that I frequently noticed in my practice was that the mattresses on patient beds were often damaged.  Sometimes the damage was just a small tear; but I knew that even a small tear could be a place where potentially harmful bacteria would grow.  I also knew that it was next to impossible to properly clean a surface that was not intact, and yet it was impractical to replace a mattress each time a small tear appeared.

Surface Medical is a company that is in the business of listening to front-line health care workers and developing products that help to solve every day problems.  Working with a talented group of scientists, product designers and testers, the Surface Medical team developed CleanPatch – a medical surface repair patch. 

CleanPatch is a simple peel and stick product that easily covers over small tears and restores a mattress back to an intact surface for proper cleaning.  CleanPatch provides a real solution to an everyday problem in health care.  Not only is that a big win for patients and cost effective for hospitals, it also allows me and my fellow nurses to feel that we are doing everything we can to support our patients’ return to health".

Barbara J. Potter R.N., B.N., MHS