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Nurse Minute

Welcome to our new feature - Nurse Minute!
In these regular podcasts, Surface Medical's Clinical Educator Brenda Marks interviews prominent Experts in the healthcare field on issues around surface integrity and infection prevention. If you are interested in being interviewed in one of our future segments, please contact us directly.

The episodes of the Nurse Minute Podcast are:

Nurse Minute Podcast #1 – The Occurrence and Risks of Damaged Medical Surfaces in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. An interview with Cathy Montgomery RN, President of Excellentia Group (Missouri)

Nurse Minute Podcast #2 – See Something, Say Something – Guidance from a Former Joint Commission Surveyor. An interview with Mary McGoldrick, Founder of Home Health Systems Inc. (Georgia)

Nurse Minute Podcast #3 - Damaged Soft Surfaces: Observations of an Equipment Service Provider. An interview with Carl Runge, President of Equisystems (New York).

Nurse Minute Podcast #4 - The Critical Role of Surfaces in Healthcare. An interview with Linda Lybert, President of Healthcare Surface Consulting (Washington).

Nurse Minute Podcast #5 - In the Patient Zone. An interview with Darrel Hicks, Author of Infection Control for Dummies (Missouri).

Nurse Minute Podcast #6 - Infection Prevention for Mattresses. An interview with Jim Gauthier, Senior Clinical Advisor for Sealed Air Diversey Care (North Carolina).

Nurse Minute Podcast #7 - The Importance of Support Surface Integrity. An interview with Susan Girolami, Director of Clinical Services for I-Heal Company (Ohio).

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