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Healthcare Testimonials

We have been very pleased with the feedback we have received on CleanPatch in various healthcare facilities, and thank you for your continued support of this nurse-inspired innovation! There are over 300 healthcare facilities using CleanPatch today to save money and enhance patient safety!

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"We have been using CleanPatch since almost the beginning.  The patches on our OR mattresses still look great – all edges are intact.  CMS questioned the patch when they were here several months ago.  I gave the surveyors the info and infection control data we received from Surface Medical and all was well.  We have saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent replacing OR table mattresses"

Katherine LeHoskey, RN BSN CNOR - Manager, OR/PACU/CCS at Littleton Regional Healthcare (NH)

"Many studies have shown that healthcare equipment (e.g. mattresses, positioning pillows, stretchers, wheelchairs, high walkers) that are shared between patients/residents/clients with rips and tears have resulted in disposal as they cannot be cleaned nor disinfected properly. We hope to save some money by using CleanPatch to repair this communal equipment and also provide a safe environment for our patients. Our facility has been using CleanPatch for the past eight months and the feedback from our end users is positive, specifically the product's easy application and durability. We have been using CleanPatch on our stretchers located in the busy Emergency Department and it has been able to withstand multiple cleaning and disinfection"

Manager, Infection Prevention and Control - Level 1 Trauma Center

"What a wonderful little money saver. Easy to install, very cost-effective as compared to purchasing new mattresses all of the time. I have been using CleanPatch for the last 6 months and have had no issues with leaking or with the patch coming off as the adhesive that is used is holding up extremely well. I recommend CleanPatch as a positive alternative to any other patching that we have used in the past"

Manager, Environmental Services 

"I have used CleanPatch on two geriatric chairs that are in high demand and both patch areas are still holding up like new. I am very happy with this product and in fact have talked to many others about its' usefulness within the hospital system"

Logistics Supervisor (Portering) 


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